December 1, 2016

Tesla to phase out gray seats soon –Insider

ElonsVelvetJacket strikes again! According to the anonymous poster in Reddit’s r/teslamotors forum, Tesla will be removing the grey seats from the studio configurator.  In the past, s/he’s a day or so ahead of the game in his/her ‘predictions’ which have been 100% correct.

Interesting ‘grey’ is spelled un-American-like.

Obviously this is not huge news but if you fancied grey seats to go along with your unlimited charging, you might want to make a move soon. Here’s my handy $1000 off link. 

In case it disappears:


July 7, 2017

Recently, there have been rumors of Tesla stores closing and employees being laid off. It culminated today when a trusted Tesla leaker ElonsVelvetJacket posted the worrisome claim on Reddit that “effective immediately many Tesla stores will be permanently closed’.

It would be surprising for Tesla to close locations as it is about to significantly increase its volume with the upcoming launch of the Model 3, but knowing ElonsVelvetJacket’s track record,  we reached out to Tesla to get more details on what is happening. expand full story

November 3, 2016

Over the 4 years that Tesla has been selling the Model S, the price range of the vehicle has changed significantly. The higher end keeps going up with better performance versions, but the base models have also changed a lot after Tesla cancelled the 40 kWh version.

Now a reliable source told us that Tesla is planning to soon increase the base price of the Model S by $2,000. expand full story

October 26, 2016

Tesla will unveil its next generation Powerwall, sometimes called ‘Powerwall 2.0‘, at an event on Friday. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been hyping the product since August saying that “no other company has anything close to it.”

Now a reliable source is leaking some information about the new home battery back. (Note: we’ve been hearing similar whispers) expand full story

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