Tesla Software Updates Stories June 7

Ever wondered how your electric vehicle updates itself over the air (OTA)? Is it software or firmware? Perhaps you’re wondering if the new EV you’re considering is even fit with over-the-air capabilities.

No matter the reason, we’ve put together a guide outlining how OTA updates work, plus some of their benefits looking toward the future. Furthermore, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of EV automakers, and their current status of OTA implementation.

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Tesla Software Updates Stories November 5, 2021

In addition to existing as some of the most popular electric vehicles on the planet, Teslas contain some advanced software features that provide continued longevity compared to traditional ICE cars. The automaker’s proprietary software stack allows for continuous software and firmware updates over-the-air. Below is everything you need to know about Tesla software updates.

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Tesla Software Updates Stories September 14, 2021

Tesla has started pushing a new software update that enables Sirius XM and “immersive sound” in the new Model S.

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Tesla Software Updates Stories January 24, 2020

Tesla has this week started pushing its first software update of the new year: 2020.4. So far, it seems to only be pushed to Tesla owners in China, with some new features for them to mostly catch up to things already released in other markets. expand full story

Tesla Software Updates Stories November 11, 2019

Tesla recently increased vehicle performance by ~5% through an over-the-air update, and today we have a video confirming the improvement with some side-by-side testing.

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Tesla Software Updates Stories November 10, 2019

Last week we reported that the latest over-the-air Tesla software update improves driving visualization to detect and render traffic cones. Then on Thursday we also shared a video of a Tesla navigating its way through traffic cones, courtesy of Tesla hacker @greentheonly. Now @greentheonly is reporting that the traffic cone feature is only being delivered to Tesla owners with the “Hardware 3” chip (HW3). This is significant, as it’s the first time that software features (in this case, Auto Lane Change and Navigate-on-Autopilot) will be forked for Tesla drivers depending on when their Tesla was built.

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Tesla Software Updates Stories August 20, 2019

Tesla started releasing a new software update this week with improvements to Model S and Model X’s new adaptive suspension damping and more. expand full story

Tesla Software Updates Stories March 20, 2017

Tesla has been pushing the use of software updates, and especially over-the-air software updates, like never before in the automotive industry. Other automakers have been held back by their dependence on third-party dealerships who want to retain their monopoly on servicing vehicles, which is threatened by over-the-air software updates.

It will be more difficult to stop this progress in the near future, especially with the advent of autonomous driving, and Tesla’s full list of new features enabled with software updates gives us a glimpse at what it can do. expand full story

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