Pre-order Stories May 18, 2016

tesla model 3

Through its SEC filling for its recently announced capital raise to finance the Model 3 production program, Tesla confirmed that the company holds 373,000 Model 3 reservations as of May 15, after 8,000 reservations were cancelled and 4,000 were removed by Tesla under suspicions that they were duplicates.  expand full story

Pre-order Stories September 24, 2015

ModelX sold 2016This morning Tesla updated the pre-order webpage for its upcoming all-electric SUV, the Model X, to indicate that new reservations will only ship out during the “second half of 2016”. Only yesterday, the estimate was “early 2016”, but with a growing backlog of reservations ahead of the September 29th launch, it is not surprising for Tesla to warn new buyers about the delivery schedule. expand full story

Pre-order Stories July 28, 2013

Love this idea: You carry around a little Motor/battery pack and pop it on any bike. Rubbee is taking pre-orders on their Kickstarter page.


  • Installs in 1 minute
  • 25km (15 mile) /charge with a 2 hour recharge.
  • 25km range
  • Top speed: 25Km/hr
  • 6,5 (kg)/13,2 (lb)
  • Battery pack: 14,4V/ 20Ah/280Wh

The Rubbee Drive system fits every standard bicycle tyre from 16 in to 29 in (700c). Smaller tyre sizes may interrupt a smooth operational use. Width of the bicycle tyre may vary between 20mm to 60mm. expand full story

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