Electric Mopeds Stories September 28

If the name “Delfast” rings a bell for you, it’s probably for the company’s larger electric bikes that are essentially electric motorcycles with pedals. But now the company has unveiled a smaller electric moped known as the Delfast California that should offer slightly more modest speeds and power ratings.

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Electric Mopeds Stories September 25

Huck Cycles, a North Carolina electric moped maker, is finding that its off-road-optimized electric moped is actually proving quite popular for city riders as well.

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Electric Mopeds Stories November 16, 2020

When it comes to electric mopeds, there are actually a lot of options these days. But there’s only one model that has been selling like crazy for years now: the ONYX RCR.

And now ONYX is making a good thing even better with a long list of updates to its legendary speedster of an electric moped.

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Electric Mopeds Stories July 14, 2020

Xiaomi-backed Ninebot has a new electric moped joining its C-family of e-mopeds launched last year. The latest new model is the Ninebot C30, and it’s ushering in a new era of ultra-budget electric mopeds.

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Electric Mopeds Stories November 19, 2019

California-based Monday Motorbikes has a new electric moped coming soon. And Electrek just received the first details confirming the specs for two models: the Gateway and Gateway Booster electric mopeds.

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Electric Mopeds Stories January 10, 2017


Electric powertrains are already quite common in two-wheel vehicles – thanks to electric scooters, which are already extremely popular in Asia, somewhat popular in Europe, but less popular in North America. Now a relatively new segment of electric mopeds is coming and should make two-wheel electric vehicles significantly more popular.

We could argue about the differences between motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds, which can also be different with an electric powertrain, but generally speaking a moped will look more like a motorcycle than a scooter and it will have weaker powertrain which generally results and less stringent licensing requirements and therefore, it makes them more accessible than motorcycles. expand full story

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