design studio Stories April 10, 2016

Model X config

Last week we reported on Tesla announcing that it will open Model X orders online and in-store in “a couple of weeks”. Now we learn through a deleted tweet from CEO Elon Musk that it could start as soon as tomorrow.

In the same tweet, Musk also made a peculiar comment about the price of the Model X. expand full story

design studio Stories March 9, 2016

model x signature red 2

After revealing European prices last week, today Tesla confirmed its Canadian Model X pricing and reservation holders can now access Tesla’s design studio to configure their vehicle.

If you reserved the vehicle a few years ago when the Canadian dollar was still holding its ground against the USD, you better be seated when scrolling through the Model X’s pricing because it starts at $122,700 for a base 70D model and can get as high as $208,300 for a fully-equipped P90DL. expand full story

design studio Stories November 23, 2015

Model-X-P90DWhen Tesla first unveiled the Model X in September, the vehicle was widely reported to cost $132,000, but a lot of publications failed to understand that it was the sale price of the limited “Founders series”. Then Tesla opened orders for the “Signature series” – for people who reserved the vehicle with a $40,000 deposit – and now Tesla finally opens the order book to the reservation holders for the production version.

There’s no surprise. The base version is the “Model X 70D”, which starts at $80,000 ($5,000 more than the Dual Motor version of the Model S) and has an EPA-rated range of 220 miles. Tesla says that new orders will start shipping in “mid to late 2016”.

You can see a screenshot of the Model X design studio below: expand full story

design studio Stories September 18, 2015

Tesla increased by 10 miles the estimated EPA-rated range of the Signature Model X to 250 miles

Ahead of the Model X launch set for September 29th, Tesla is still tuning the options available for the configuration of its all-electric SUV.  Yesterday we wrote about how Tesla will offer hitch accessories directly at the purchase of the Model X in order to get around the limitations of the vehicle’s ‘Falcon Wing’ doors. Today we learn, through the same online design studio for early reservation holders, that Tesla increased by 10 miles the estimated EPA-rated range of the Signature Model X to 250 miles.

design studio Stories September 5, 2015

Tesla’s Model X had a record month for reservations – could have as much as ~27,000 ahead of launch

Paul Carter, TMC Model X moderator and a Canadian Signature reservation holder, posted his monthly Tesla Model X reservation tally update and revealed that August was Tesla’s best month in over 3 years for Model X reservations, which bodes well ahead of the vehicle’s September 29th launch.

The tally relies on reservation numbers posted by new reservation holders on the Tesla Motors Club forum. Members post their sequence number for their region and version of the vehicle (signature or production). A summary tally of the highest numbers reported to date is regularly updated to show the current tally total.

design studio Stories September 1, 2015


Tesla opened the Model X’s design studio to a select few reservation holders. There are two levels of reservation for the Model X: reservation for the production version which requires a $5,000 deposit and the signature version which requires a $40,000 deposit.

According to users on Tesla’s Norwegian forum,  signature Model X reservation holders can access the design studio to configure their Model X and place their order.  expand full story

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