consumer report Stories July 14, 2016

After the Consumer Watchdog calling for the Tesla to disable the Autopilot following the recent fatal Model S crash while the system was activated, now the respected Consumer Reports magazine is weighing in and also asking Tesla to walk back some of the Autopilot features.

Tesla already responded to the publication saying that they are taking decisions based on “real-world data, not speculation by media”. expand full story

consumer report Stories April 19, 2016

Tesla’s stock price ($TSLA) surprisingly tumbled following a new report from the review magazine Consumer Reports highlighting some quality issues with early Model X units. The stock fell over 4% after the report was published this morning, but gained in the afternoon and it is now down only 2%.

I say the tumble is surprising due to the report hardly containing any new information. The magazine cites one particular case of a Model X owner having some issues needing a few service center visits and then add some data point by also citing “message boards” complaints about the vehicle. expand full story

consumer report Stories November 11, 2015

Last month, Consumer Reports stopped recommending the Tesla Model S because the vehicle scored below average on its reliability survey. Following the announcement, Tesla’s stock price went down by 10%.

The pulling of its recommendation was a surprise to many since just a few weeks before, the magazine grabbed headlines by announcing that the Model S “broke” its rating system by scoring 103 out of 100. expand full story

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