carbon pricing Stories June 14

A number of major oil companies expressed their commitment to “economically meaningful” carbon pricing following a Vatican summit on climate change this Friday.

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carbon pricing Stories May 13

HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” tackled the Green New Deal and carbon pricing on Sunday night’s recent episode, bringing further mainstream attention to climate issues and ideas, and confronting a number of bad faith arguments in the process.

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carbon pricing Stories April 18

A new report asked all 18 declared candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination about various views on climate issues, and finds that just 7 of them would absolutely favor carbon pricing.

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carbon pricing Stories January 17, 2017

Indiana recently became the latest state to suggest the idea of an “EV tax.”  As we’ve covered before, several states have implemented additional yearly fees for electric vehicles.  Even California floated the idea at one point.

At first glance, it seems almost reasonable – revenue from gas taxes is falling because cars across the board are using less (or no) gas; infrastructure spending is sorely needed but is only getting more costly thus squeezing budgets even more; more efficient cars, particularly electric cars, are getting by without paying their “fair share” because even though they use the same roads they don’t pay as much (or at all) to maintain them.

So why shouldn’t those “freeloading” EVs also be forced to pay a road use tax?  Well, there are several reasons… expand full story

carbon pricing Stories December 22, 2015

Update: Just 1 day left to get a chance to win a Model S and promote carbon pricing awareness – CXC’s website.

The Model S is becoming a popular raffle prize and this raffle in particular is for a very good cause in-line with Tesla’s mission. Climate XChange (CXC) is a nonprofit organization with the goal to reduce global warming pollution and strengthen the economy through comprehensive market-based carbon pricing in Massachusetts.  expand full story

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