battery supply Stories May 25, 2017

Li-ion battery production is the backbone of the electric vehicle revolution and supply will have to increase significantly over the next few years to support the growth.

Tesla has the most ambitious plan with Gigafactory 1 having the same capacity as the entire industry at a single location, but the world will need 100 of those to transition to electric transport and renewable energy.

A few other companies have now announced similar plans. The latest one is a 50 GWh battery factory in Asia. expand full story

battery supply Stories February 18, 2016

kia soul battery pack

SK Innovation, a battery cell maker part of the South Korea-based chemical and energy conglomerate SK, confirmed (via GreenCarCongress) that it has been selected as the supplier of battery cells for Mercedes’ upcoming line of electric vehicles.

Last month, Daimler green-lighted 4 new long-range electric vehicles, which will reportedly be two sedans and two crossover SUVs. The automaker will need an important volume of battery cells if it plans to manufacture these upcoming vehicles in significant volume. expand full story

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