Asia Stories October 27, 2021

A relatively young Vietnamese automaker is looking to bring its vehicles to the Western EV market with a goal to eventually sell between 160-180k of its EVs per year in the US alone. VinFast will begin this quest at this year’s LA Auto Show, where it plans to showcase two of its EV models to the public before opening orders for US and Europe in the first half of 2022. As if that wasn’t ambitious enough, VinFast is also considering an IPO in the US market.

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Asia Stories December 17, 2013

Screenshot 2013-12-17 08.31.51 If you are in China and you want a Model S, you now have a website to use. Have at it. Wondering why Tesla is called Tuosule in China? Some local guy squatted on the name rights to Tesla and wants $30M for it. Tesla offered $3M but no dice. Good for them. expand full story

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