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air polution

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Audi wants to purify city air with filter-equipped EVs while they’re driving and charging

Audi filter

German automaker Audi shared that it has been working on a pilot project with supplier MANN + HUMMEL to develop a filter for the front end of EVs that can collect particulate matter while driving and charging. As Audi looks to make its production processes net-carbon-neutral, it also hopes to reduce emissions wherever possible, including air quality near busy roads.

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Pope Francis addressed air pollution concerns during a speech at the White House

150923-pope-white-house-mn-0930_589c6d84d1e6eb05e9b9256909ccd026.nbcnews-fp-1200-800Pope Francis arrived in DC this morning for his first visit in the U.S. and he addressed the crowd at the White house following President Obama’s ‘welcome speech’. In his speech, the Pontiff reiterated his concerns over  air pollution and encouraged the President’s initiative to address it.