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Tesla Model 3 Stories Yesterday

Tesla now has 2 of top 3 most American-made cars

Tesla has sneaked its way to the top of the list of the most American-made cars. Now the electric automaker has two of the top three vehicles in’s American Made-Index.

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 26

Tesla Model 3 becomes best-selling premium sedan in the world

Tesla announced that the Model 3 has become the best-selling premium sedan in the world – beating the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Exports of made-in-China Model 3 vehicles helped Tesla achieve this milestone.

Tesla Model 3 Stories May 9

Tesla Model S vs. Model 3: Comparing sedans side by side

Tesla’s Model S and Model 3 provide drivers with either a taste of veteran performance or refreshing innovation and value. Both combine to form the US automaker’s line of electric sedans, although they share more of their mechanical makeup with their respective assembly-line SUV partners. Below is a comprehensive breakdown comparing old and new to […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories March 24

Tesla increases price of Model 3 – its 3rd price change in just 2 months

Tesla has increased the price of the two cheapest trims of the Model 3 – the automaker’s third price change in just two months.

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 25

Tesla shuts down Model 3 production line for 2 weeks amid chip shortage

Tesla is shutting down a Model 3 production line at the Fremont, California, factory for two weeks amid an industrywide microchip shortage.

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 4

Tesla Model 3 is still the best-selling electric car in the world and it’s not even close

Tesla Model 3 is still the best-selling electric car in the world, and no other vehicle program is even coming close. Automakers other than Tesla are going to have to invest more in high-volume electric vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 20

Tesla drops Model 3 prices in Europe

Tesla has reduced Model 3 prices in several European markets, which could be partly linked to exchange rate changes – though the correlation is not exactly consistent.

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 3

Tesla updates Model 3 with new design accent and heated steering wheel

Tesla has updated the Model 3 again with a new design accent recently introduced in the new Model Y in China and the long-awaited heated steering wheel.

Tesla Model 3 Stories November 10, 2020

Tesla confirms new 82 kWh battery pack in Model 3, thanks to new cells

Tesla has confirmed that its new 2021 Model 3 vehicles are now equipped with a new 82 kWh battery pack — thanks to new, more energy-dense battery cells produced by Panasonic.

Tesla Model 3 Stories October 18, 2020

Tesla is starting to export made-in-China Model 3 to Europe

Tesla is starting to export made-in-China Model 3 vehicles to Europe — something the automaker originally said it didn’t plan to do.

Tesla Model 3 Stories June 13, 2016

FCA CEO Marchionne doesn’t understand Tesla’s model but claims he could copy it

FCA’s outspoken CEO, Sergio Marchionne, has been known to make unpopular but frank comments about electric cars and the future of the auto industry. The man in charge of Alfa, Fiat, Chrysler and Jeep, called for its customers not to buy his electric car, the Fiat 500e, because he estimates the company is losing about $10,000 […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories June 16, 2016

Tesla applied for a $106 million tax break on $1.26 billion expansion of Fremont Factory for the Model 3

A few weeks ago, Tesla closed an important $1.7 billion stock offering to finance its new build plan for the Model 3. The capital raise was needed for Tesla to accelerate its production and achieve a rate of 500,000 cars in 2018 – two years earlier than previously planned. The new plan is in response […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories October 26, 2016

Tesla Model 3 progress: production line layout completed, Tesla now testing subsystems

In its letter to shareholders today, Tesla not only had good news to share about the last quarter (turned a profit for the first time in 3 years), but they also confirmed some good news for its ongoing plans for the future, including Model 3’s road to production. Tesla confirmed that they completed production line layouts […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories November 14, 2016

Tesla Model 3’s battery will be 30% more energy dense than the Model S’ original pack

Tesla has yet to disclose the battery pack options that will be available for the upcoming Tesla Model 3 and enabled through the new battery architecture of the vehicle. Tesla’s Vice-President of Investor Relations, Jeff Evanson, previously said that the base version with “more than 215 miles of range” will be equipped with a battery […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories October 29, 2016

This week’s top stories: Tesla Powerwall 2 & solar roof, ‘comma one’ cancelled, Tesla Q3 earnings & pipeline, more

In this week’s top stories: Tesla unveils its new Powerwall 2.0 and solar roof products, George Hotz cancels his autopilot-like comma one’ project, Tesla’s Q3 earnings, and we take a look at the company’s pipeline and the new Tesla vehicles likely arriving in the years to come. 

Tesla Model 3 Stories October 15, 2016

Tesla is building new ‘drive unit production lines’ at the Gigafactory, will not only manufacture battery packs

The Tesla Gigafactory is key to the automaker’s planned production ramp up to 500,000 cars per year by 2018. It is expected to both significantly reduce the cost of Tesla’s battery packs, which will enable Tesla to reach the $35,000 price point for the Model 3, and to secure a large supply of battery cells. […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories March 27, 2016

Tesla Model 3 roundup: Everything we know ahead of the March 31 unveiling

We reported a great deal on the Tesla Model 3 in the past few months, but we focused on the March 31st unveiling event and the reservation process rather than the vehicle itself, and that’s mainly because we simply don’t know much. But now as the event approach, here’s a quick roundup of what we […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 8, 2017

Tesla confirms retooling of factory for Model 3 this month, will ‘pause’ Model S/X production for a week

Tesla confirmed in a statement to Electrek today that it plans to “pause” production for a week this month at the Fremont factory in order to install equipment for Model 3 production. The company doesn’t expect that it will affect its production for the first quarter 2017 since it “added production days to compensate.”

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 3, 2017

Tesla Model 3: the ultimate eye-candy gallery to hold you over until ‘part 3 of the unveiling’

There are over 400,000 Tesla Model 3 reservation holders patiently (some impatiently) waiting for the vehicle. If Tesla sticks to its production plan, some of them will be able to get their vehicles toward the end of the year, but most of them will have to wait until 2018. We should see the vehicle again before […]

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 28, 2017

This week’s top stories: Our Chevy Bolt EV review, Tesla’s new 80 MWh Powerpack station, Musk joins Trump council, Model 3 teaser & more

In this week’s top stories: Tesla quietly completes its new 80 MWh Powerpack station, Elon Musk meets with President Trump and joins his new manufacturing council, Seth takes the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV for a spin, Model 3 gets a slight rebranding and new teaser video, and much more.

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