Over the weekend we reported that GM pushed the nationwide release of the 2016 Volt to next year and would only sell the car in CARB states in the meantime. Yesterday the company confirmed to Auto News that they simply don’t plan on releasing the 2016 model outside of their top EV markets, which coincidentally are mainly CARB states. Instead the company will release the 2017 version early for a nationwide launch.

GM spokesman Mike Albano said the 2017 Volt should arrive “early this spring”. He confirmed the 2017 will include several new features and declined to revealed any, but he said they are unrelated to the car’s drivetrain.

GM expects the 2016 to have an EPA-rated range of 53 miles on its new battery pack – a 39% increase versus the previous generation. Volt sales have been significantly down ahead of the 2016 launch, presumably because drivers want the bigger battery pack option.

Albano’s comments lead us to believe the 2017 version will not have an upgraded electric range over the 2016 model, but the availability of the Volt remains a challenge for potential buyers outside of CARB states.

The Volt 2016 will be available in the following states: California, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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