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Used Tesla cars

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This dealer went from selling used gas cars to used EVs, and even new Teslas

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J.N. Auto, a longtime independent car dealer in rural Quebec, made the transition from selling and servicing used gas vehicles to used electric over five years ago, and even more recently to being one of the largest independent retailers of brand-new Tesla Model 3s anywhere on the planet. Here’s the story of how an independent used car dealer took on new EV sales absent a franchise agreement.


First hand experience with Tesla’s new used car business – alternative to waiting for Model 3

At Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting earlier this month, CEO Elon Musk said that the company is placing more importance on its pre-owned used car business. He even presented it as a valid alternative for people waiting for the less expensive Model 3.

I was already frequently looking at used Model S sedans for quite some time, but I finally decided to pull the trigger after the new program was announced earlier this month. Here’s a quick report on my experience… Expand