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Automatic VS mechanical e-bike: Evelo Galaxy Lux/SL Review

You might have missed it, but automatic e-bikes are here, and they are amazing. Although the days of selecting your gears on bicycles may never leave us, we are now at the point where shifting is optional. Today we have two otherwise identical bikes with only one major difference: automatic vs. mechanical gears. How do they fare side by side?

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VW announces new plan to build 2 to 3 million all-electric cars a year by 2025


Earlier this year – not long after the Dieselgate scandal – the Volkswagen Group announced a new direction for its lineup of vehicles with a plan to introduce 20 new electric vehicles through the group’s brands by the end of the decade.

Today, the automaker extended the timeline to 2025 and said that it will introduce “more than 30 new electric vehicles during the next 10 years”. Earlier this year, CEO Matthias Müller was talking about both all-electric and plug-in hybrids, but now he is making a statement to go all-electric and confirmed that the “more than 30 new models” will all be “purely battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs)”.