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Automatic VS mechanical e-bike: Evelo Galaxy Lux/SL Review

You might have missed it, but automatic e-bikes are here, and they are amazing. Although the days of selecting your gears on bicycles may never leave us, we are now at the point where shifting is optional. Today we have two otherwise identical bikes with only one major difference: automatic vs. mechanical gears. How do they fare side by side?

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Two-wheelers replacing four: Is the IAA’s new focus on mobility a glimpse of the future for global cities?


The Frankfurt Auto Show, better known in many circles by its German initials IAA, was the biggest automotive show in the world. But if the last 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that the world is changing – and quickly. Transportation has been one of the most affected areas of society, and that’s hitting consumers everywhere from their pocketbooks to their trade shows.

So perhaps it’s fitting that the world’s largest auto show has evolved into the world’s largest mobility show, coming this September.

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Gogoro scooter and battery swap distribution model get smarter and spread to new cities [CEO Video]


Without even trying out (not available in US yet) a Gogoro scooter I love the idea. It is a 2-wheeled vehicle that runs on two Lithium battery packs which contain the same Panasonic 18650 batteries that line the bottom of the Tesla Model S and X. While a Model S contains about 7,000 of these to hit about 70-90kWh, the Gogoro’s battery packs are only 1.3kWh each (so around 100+batteries/ea) and can be exchanged in a charging bay. The 2.6kWh, according to Gogoro’s specs will take the good looking scooter about 60 miles at 60mph (0-31 in 4.2secs). While solid specs, that’s not at all what makes Gogoro a gamechanger…