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EGEB: ISS astronauts successfully deploy solar arrays on second attempt

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • After running into glitches last week, ISS astronauts successfully installed Roll-Out Solar Arrays yesterday.
  • IKEA and The Rockefeller Foundation start a $1 billion fund for small-scale clean energy.
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Tesla delivers more Powerpacks for yet another microgrid project – a resort in the Fiji Islands


Microgrid projects powered by battery packs and solar arrays are starting to become more popular in remote areas. It has started to become clear in the last few months that the Tesla Powerpack is lowering the entry price of microgrid projects.

The company delivered another 20 Powerpacks for a project on an island in the Fijis that just won an award for its concept. Expand

Tesla converted an entire island to solar with new microgrid product developed by SolarCity


The island of Ta’u in American Samoa has been using diesel generators and burning over 100,000 gallons of fuel per year in order to supply its nearly 600 residents with electricity. That’s no longer the case and the island is now virtually energy independent thanks to a new solar and battery installation by Tesla and SolarCity, which is now officially part of Tesla since the merger closed yesterday. Expand

“Cat Microgrid Technology” – Solar Power Microgrids are coming to your neighborhood

55229-2906493Caterpillar – the company known for building some of the biggest, baddest construction hardware on the planet has launched a new product line: CAT Microgrid Technology powered with Solar Power. Caterpillar’s product line is focused on mining, telecoms and remote communities, but a push by the likes of SolarCityThe State of New York and Community Solar, and you’ll soon see why Microgrids will reshape how your neighborhood gets it electricity.