Jeda Stories June 7, 2021

Jeda, well-known manufacturer of accessories for Tesla vehicles, is launches a new 4-in-1 USB hub and console organizer designed for the latest Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. You can reserve one today and receive an exclusive discount.

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Jeda Stories March 26, 2020

Our friends at Jeda have just announced a new Wireless USB hub for Tesla’s Model Y. We’ve been big fans of the Jeda USB hubs and Qi Wireless charging pads for quite some time. The Model Y hub now adds two USB-C ports and four USB-A ports for charging the wireless pads, gaming controllers, and SSD storage for Sentry Mode/Tesla DashCam. expand full story

Jeda Stories July 3, 2019

Tesla is starting to have a lot of different features utilizing the USB ports in its center console, like Sentry Mode and phone charging, and it can get complicated to have a setup optimized for all of them.

Jeda is launching a new solution, a Tesla Model 3 USB hub, for seamless use of all those features – including a more secure way to store your Sentry Mode drive. expand full story

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