headquarters Stories January 31, 2016

first model x europe

We learned this weekend that the first Tesla Model X in Europe has been spotted near Munich, Germany. As Tesla is still getting through the production of the Model X for early reservation holders in America, it is surprising to see the vehicle in Europe and actually raises a few questions. expand full story

headquarters Stories December 30, 2015

Tesla headquarters

We recently reported on Tesla being on a hiring spree, and now the Wall Street Journal corroborates the news with its own report this week. WSJ specified that the automaker is outgrowing its Palo Alto headquarters and it might be building a consolidated headquarters at an undetermined location in the near-future. expand full story

headquarters Stories September 2, 2015

India’s Prime Minister plans a visit at Tesla’s headquarters

According to the Times of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is planning a visit at Tesla’s headquarters during a tour in California next month. Tesla isn’t currently operating in India, but the visit might be a step toward changing that.

In the past, company executives have been on record saying that they plan on starting a dialogue with the Indian government to rationalise import duty on electric cars, which are ridiculously high in the country.

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