electric taxi Stories September 29, 2017

Montreal already has one of the biggest fleets of electric taxis in operation today as a local startup, Taxelco, is consolidating the taxi industry in the city and transitioning the fleet to electric cars.

They started the Uber-like all-electric taxi service Téo Taxi with 60 cars (Teslas, Kia Soul EVs, and more) in 2016 and kept adding cars over the last 2 years – now resulting in a current fleet of 110 all-electric vehicles.

This week, the company announced another expansion that will lead to a fleet of 350 all-electric vehicles operating in Montreal, as well as an electric delivery service and even electric trucking.  expand full story

electric taxi Stories May 19, 2016

nissan leaf taxi

Today, Nissan announced a deal to provide 110 Nissan LEAFs with the new 30 kWh battery pack to La Ciudad del Taxi, a Madrid-based taxi company. The automaker is calling the transaction “the world’s largest 100 percent electric taxi fleet deal”.

The new 30 kWh battery pack option for the 2016 models gets 107 EPA-rated miles on a single charge. expand full story

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