Electric pickup truck Stories April 2

It’s no secret that I love me a fun little electric pickup truck from China. Yes, I’m that guy that floated one over from halfway around the world to use as a farm truck in the US. But just like my four-year-old nephew after a run through a candy store, time does not stand still. And neither does the pace of development in Chinese electric mini truck factories. Because less than half a year after my own mini electric pickup truck rolled into my garage and heart, more advancements are popping up in the industry. And that means that we all get to enjoy the latest that the Chinese mini electric pickup truck market has to offer in this week’s rendition of the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week!

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Electric pickup truck Stories November 12, 2021

Chinese automotive conglomerate Geely is reportedly spinning off a pickup truck business from its commercial EV division. Geely is working to release an all-electric pickup in the second half of next year that may very well someday compete against nascent US automaker Rivian.

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Electric pickup truck Stories November 9, 2016


Workhorse, an electric fleet vehicle startup that delivered a fleet of 125 hybrid electric delivery vans to UPS (which recently ordered 200 more), announced this week that it is started development of an electric PHEV pickup truck built on its own platform.

The company sets the goal to be the first to market with a plug-in electric pickup truck in 2018. expand full story

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