Bollinger B2 Stories September 8

EV start-up Mullen Automotive has announced the purchase of a controlling interest in Bollinger Motors for $148.2 million in cash and stock. As the new majority owner, Mullen has already shared intentions to use the cash to resume Bollinger’s halt to B1 and B2 electric truck production while continuing to pursue the development of class 3-6 medium-duty electric trucks.

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Bollinger B2 Stories April 14

Bollinger Motors made an appearance alongside energy company Con Edison at the New York International Auto Show, displaying its ill-fated B2 pickup. However, following recent news of its pivot to commercial EVs, Bollinger shared that it will develop a Class 3 walk-in van prototype for Con Edison.

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Bollinger B2 Stories January 14

EV startup Bollinger Motors just announced it is pausing development of its two flagship EVs – the B1 sport utility truck and B2 pickup, to focus instead on the commercial market. Bollinger has been working to deliver these two consumer EVs since 2015.

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Bollinger B2 Stories November 19, 2019

We’re here at the 2019 Los Angeles Motor Show, and the first thing we spotted through the doorway was the Bollinger Motors display, which is the first time these vehicles have been shown to the public.

Bollinger makes a B-1 SUV that looks like an electric offspring of an AMG Scout and a Hummer. The B-2 Pickup adds a longer exposed bed to the rear. I anticipate the crowds will be quite big like the showing Rivian had last year…

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Bollinger B2 Stories August 26, 2019

Bollinger Motors announced that it will unveil production prototypes of its B2 electric pickup truck and B1 electric utility truck next month. expand full story

Bollinger B2 Stories October 10, 2018

Bollinger Motors, a New York-founded (now Michigan-based) electric vehicle startup, is leveraging its work on its unique all-electric Jeep-like truck, the Bollinger B1, to introduce an all-electric pickup truck: the B2. expand full story

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