We’ve already laid out our thoughts concerns with Faraday Future and its just announced FF91. The company’s got an uphill battle getting to production and it is hard to imagine how much this will car cost if/when it comes to market.

On one side, you’ve got tons of goodies and crazy styling with will add tons of cost. But the actual test car that can be driven actually looks kind of tame and the differences from the Model X are a lot more muted.  That same Model X has been on sale for a year and the production model is only a hair slower than this Faraday FF91 prototype.

The ‘fastest electric car’ moniker that Faraday keeps throwing around is also a bit of a facepalm. If these were in production or even anywhere close, they might be able to say that but as prototype concepts, this thing is in the same class as the faster Rimac Concept one which is actually shipping. Heck, someone threw a beast of an electric engine in a rear wheel drive ’68 Mustang and got a sub-2 second 0-60 – so let’s lay off that talk.

But for now let’s just admire what this company has put together and maybe the bigger picture of what can be accomplished with an electric powertrain. Here’s a good look at that from YouTuber Marques Brownlee:

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