Tesla Model 3 exclusive leaked specs: 0-60 under 4 sec fast and 300+ mile range options (Update: Base 6 sec 0-60 and 215 mile range)


Via Wired.de – what’s that on the left?

Update: Tesla has now announced specs for the base model which will be 215 mile range and a 0-60 time of under 6 seconds.

We’re about 24 hours away from the Model 3 unveil and it’s time for everyone to show their cards. Tesla, in an age when secretive tech companies like Apple can’t keep any of its products from leaking, has let almost nothing leak on the upcoming Model 3. Almost everything we know about the Model 3 has come via Elon Musk late night Tweetstorm or official releases.

We’ve talked to Tesla employees, former Tesla Employees who have worked on the design team, contractors and just about anyone who would be involved in the project. To Tesla’s credit, almost no one would say anything about the Model 3 that wasn’t already public –even former Tesla employees who are now working at competitors.

Until now…

A second hand source had previously informed me that Tesla was working on multiple versions of the Model 3 and that slippery low drag design was a major source of the work. Tesla later clarified that only one Model 3 design would be shown off at launch.

However a different source who has provided reliable information in the past has given us some real news on the Model 3.

The biggest news: According to a source who has seen the design that will be shown off tomorrow, it looks like a smaller hybrid of the Model X and S. It is a bit taller sedan with a unique front that looks more like a Model X than a Model S. The car is shorter and narrower than either the model X or S but is described as “sexy and sporty”. The person who saw it said that they didn’t like the look of the X initially and only came around to liking it when the Falcon Wing doors were exhibited. This person instantly fell in love with the design of the Model 3, however, saying “It seems so right”.

One of the standout specs Tesla will [eventually] tout is that the premium version will be able to travel from 0-60 in under 4 seconds. We weren’t told if this is for the base model or a more premium edition with bigger battery and AWD, but the latter is much more likely.

Speaking of higher end, the price tag on the high end version of the Model 3 grows significantly to almost base Model S territory with estimates in the $50-$60K range. What do you get for that money? Besides autonomous driving on the level of the Model S and X, Tesla will also offer the aforementioned AWD option. In addition, a battery pack that we’re estimating in the ~80kWh range will take the Model 3 to over 300 miles in range. That’s at highway speeds and not hyper-miling at 30mph which means you can travel almost 5 hours between charging and almost complete the 364 miles between the Tesla design studio in Hawthorne and its HQ in Palo Alto.

As a comparison, Tesla’s current mileage champ, the Model S 90D can go 288 EPA certified miles on a charge.

Tesla recently drove its updated Roadster from San Francisco to Los Angeles and as we’ve seen, a lot of Tesla’s breakout features revolve around CEO Elon Musk’s commute (for instance the jump seats in the Model S fit his 5 kids). Whether they get to 360 miles or not will be interesting. Putting a 100kWh battery in a slippery Model 3 might do that but I’ve heard nothing in that regard.

Anyway, we’ll be in line tomorrow and following the event live so come back and join us!

Featured image: Wired claims that this cloaked car is the Tesla Model 3

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  1. TechSHIZZLE.com - 7 years ago

    I’ll be in line as well-either Pasadena or Burbank…

  2. darthbelichick07 - 7 years ago

    Honestly, if this list is true, Tesla will have made the most significant automobile statement since the original Model T. It’ll not only be a better value and outperform anything in its class, it’ll attract folks who might normally look for a car in the $25K range as well.

    Holding my breath to see the real design and performance numbers Thursday night.

    • MorinMoss - 7 years ago

      There’s NO way Tesla is delivering a $35k car that runs 0-60 mph in 4s. If true, that’s a top-end trim that will cost as much as Model S.

      • Praveen - 7 years ago

        Something to keep in mind is that it’s an electric motor that can achieve higher rpms easily

      • JonL - 7 years ago

        Agreed that it’s unlikely that the base model will have that kind of performance, but Elon could surprise us. In any case, I’d rather have a spec’ed out Model 3 vs low end Model S if they were of similar price.

      • Haggy - 7 years ago

        A top end trim still won’t be a Model S. It will still be smaller and less roomy. It probably won’t have a 17 inch console or retractable door handles or any number of bells and whistles. But a fully loaded car for $60K might have things like autopilot that an entry level Model S won’t have. For somebody who currently drives a $30K car, a base car might be a good deal, especially after tax incentives. For somebody who currently drives a $50K car, a fully loaded one might be a good option, and the Model S might still be out of reach. Deciding which models or options to get will provide a range of prices for those who are shopping for anything from a $25K to $150K range. That covers a lot of buyers, and can make things competitive with other things in the price class at any step of the way.

      • aaskdlfjasldf - 7 years ago

        I’d be super happy at 0-60 in 6 seconds. That’s just fine and + it’ll be super fast from 0-30MPH since electric. Perfectly fine as the base model, even better than needed to sell well. Will be faster than the ~0-60 in 7 seconds Bolt probably.

      • Trev Page - 7 years ago

        I’m currently driving a $50K car (2015) but Model S in Canada starts just shy of $100K. If I can get a Model 3 for $50-60K here, our incentives will drop the price $14K so it’s a no brainer for me. I realize $50K is not affordable for a lot of people but hell, it’s HALF the cost of the best car ever made. I’m in.

      • darthbelichick07 - 7 years ago

        NO ONE said the $35K option would be 0-60 in under 4 seconds…

        They’re obviously going to stage the performance to higher costs.

        The BMW M3, a paragon of performance, does 0-60 in 3.8s at $65K.

      • Howard Simon Marks - 7 years ago

        That is NOT what it says that is the spec for the top of the range MODEL 3 approx. $50K depending on options.

      • Nathanael - 7 years ago

        The 17 inch touchscreen is a huge moneysaver for Tesla — they get rid of hundreds of knobs and dials — so I still expect Model 3 to have one of those. But I could be wrong. I do think they’ll go a lot simpler with the doors. Heck, they might be totally normal doors.

      • Reliable Source - 7 years ago

        Hey @Trev Page: Elon said they would try to standardize prices in between countries for the Model 3, so maybe a smaller premium.

  3. If the 300 mile range is true, that may convince me to turn over my Model S….

  4. Michael Romano - 7 years ago

    I’m so insanely excited about this launch.

  5. Johnny Mars (@johnnyVDO) - 7 years ago

    Porsche, Audi, BMW, Jag, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, Cadillac, and others are sweating profusely…….

  6. Steve Grenier - 7 years ago

    I hope it has a sporty look to it. Although I’ll be surprised if they introduce something that looks boring. I know some people say that about the Model S, but I love it. A mix of classy and sporty, mmm.

  7. Mark - 7 years ago

    With all due respect, if the top spec version approaches Model S price, then 300+ range and 0-60 in less than 4 seconds is not really going to light any fires – why not just get a base Model S? Instant upgrade.

    The really important information is what the base model can do and there’s nothing here on that.

    • darthbelichick07 - 7 years ago

      Because the base model S doesn’t have autopilot and does 0-60 in 6 seconds, not under 4 seconds, as described here.

    • Stetson - 7 years ago

      The hypothetical top end Model 3 would have 300+ mile range, 0-60 in < 4 seconds, Autopilot, AWD, and possibly options like panoramic sunroof, premium interior, etc. that are all not included on the base Model S.

      The base Model S is rear wheel drive, has a 230 mile range, and does 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and doesn't include any of those premium features.

  8. tangorum (@tangorum) - 7 years ago

    So, cannibalize sales of the top tier model with a smaller cheaper one by making it faster? because fuck logic.. of course nah
    They are also facelifting the Model S..

  9. Walter Kerr - 7 years ago

    I would be super happy if I can get a 6 second car with 300 mile range and some version of auto driving for $35 k after rebate ( rebate may be doubtful by the time one is available)

  10. Illuminati - 7 years ago

    Tesla Model 3 for $35,000 … minus the $7,500 in Federal and $6,000 in Colorado tax credits.

    It’s $21,500 !

    Then take into account the economy on fuel over a period of 10 years, which can easily reach $10,000.

    It’s now “$11,500$” !!

    Add to that the low cost of maintenance: change oil, spark plugs, engine coolant, transmission fluid, belts, hoses, etc.

    This car is almost free !!!

  11. Herbert Van Den Houten - 7 years ago

    Paramus, NJ store on Rte. 17 North at 7:00 PM had 5 people doing an all night stay to order the Model 3 with more coming and one had several calls already for more people coming in to join.

  12. Grizy2033 - 7 years ago

    that control of company no leak unles the CEO give it. Good job Elon i expect just to you to dont be the villan because you make good things and ussualy that dont happen.

  13. Canadian Iceman - 7 years ago

    It says no where that this new Tesla is under $40,000. Tesla would never sell a 0-60 in 4 second car with so much tech for $35,000. Try 60,000… And if it’s hard to get one, expect to pay more $$$. Took me a year to order and get my model S. I ended up paying a bit more too. So, let’s see what Tesla does with this new model, I’m curious.

  14. Adrian - 7 years ago

    I love Tesla cars, are awesome and full of technology

  15. Per Lyngemark - 7 years ago

    I already ordered my Model 3 this morning in Sweden, by 10:15 when I got my reservation there were about 60 people in line, I got confirmation mail from Tesla already, in Swedish

  16. Nibs - 7 years ago

    Hilarious, just a few years ago and every one of you would be calling this car and it’s company a “scam” …. You Lemmings are outright hilarious you know that don’t you. Now you want one ? Hahhahahhahahhahaha i bought an electric car from gm in 2012 and everyone yelled at me and threw rotten food at me like I was a bearer of the Black Plague ……. I shouted from every roof top I could that electric cars are so much better and nobody would listen . I was mocked , made to feel like an idiot and marginalized into total self humiliation …. And now you all act like its the best thing since a gas guzzling bmw?



  17. Kris - 7 years ago

    is nobody noticing how photo shopped that picture is?? lol….the wall charger and the PowerWall were obviously copied and pasted. That is not the Tesla factory

  18. Uhu - 7 years ago

    Yesterday very early in the morning spotted lots of Model 3 cars loaded on trucks, driving south on the I5 between the SF Bay Area and LA.

    • Flanders - 7 years ago

      >>I was mocked , made to feel like an idiot and marginalized into total self humiliation

      yeah, but that’s because you bought a GM.

  19. himadrissaha - 7 years ago

    The specs are just awesome. The model will also be available for the majority as the price will be below 40k.Elon has done it again!

  20. Fred - 7 years ago

    So.. how well would any of these cars do in the winter climates of say, Alaska, or the the prairie states of the US and provinces of Canada where temps can dip well below the -40 degree Celsius

  21. jack jones - 7 years ago

    All of you automobile reporters appear to tout the most obvious attributes of the Tesla 3, but I cannot read anywhere how long it takes to recharge the batteries of the 215 mile version and the optioned 300 mile version.

    • Seth Weintraub - 7 years ago

      Tesla didn’t comment but assume you can get up to 350 miles/hour of charge just like the model X/S at a supercharger. 29 miles/hour in the typical garage

    • aaskdlfjasldf - 7 years ago

      Nor any video/pics of the area in the hatch or frunk. Guy in the back seat with the camera could of turned around and videoed.

  22. John M. Glennie - 7 years ago

    $35 + $5 (AWD) + $5 (Autopilot) + $5 (Supercharging) = $50 + 30% = $65 + 13% = $73.45 thousand $CDN. I have two years to save as much as I can, to buy the best model I can afford. I can’t take it with me, so I may as well enjoy the latest technology I can while I’m here. P.S. Elon has promised the best $35 000 car out there, so some of those $5 000 add-ons, may come standard. ???

    • I doubt(hope) the supercharging will be more than $2500
      autopilot is only $3300 loonies on the model S
      Maybe oil prices will rebound and our CDN dollar will rise too!
      I will probably want a bigger battery option too if I can afford it.

      2 years to stuff those pennies into a tfsa!

  23. John Breinholt - 7 years ago

    It’s an electric car, once you hit the gas, you speed off. Unlike gasoline cars, there is no pause while it changes gear or starts.


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