Fred did some excellent work sorting out the Model X pricing but I was surprised to hear that I’d be able to buy a Model X for $75K  before incentives and $65K with…next year.  But how does Tesla get to the $75K price point without going against CEO Elon Musk’s “Model S +$5000” pricing scheme? After all a Model S 70D is currently listed at $75,000.

We’ve batted it around and it seems one of 3 things has to happen: 1. The Model S+5K pricing guide goes out the window 2. Model S 70D prices will have dropped $5000 to $70K by next year (my vote). FYI the Model S 70 RWD is $70K which brings us to… 3. Model X 2WD version in works

Like I noted, I’m obviously hoping that Tesla can bring its base model AWD products with 70kWh battery down $5000 in a year’s time. With batteries getting better at a 5-10% per year clip and manufacturing/economies of scale it shouldn’t be too hard.

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