Zero Motorcycle Stories November 21, 2019

Zero Motorcycles is running a program to get people onto its electric motorcycles so that they can experience the thrill. Even if they don’t have a motorcycle license.

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Zero Motorcycle Stories September 24, 2019

Rumors of a full-fairing version of the Zero SR/F electric motorcycle have been making laps nearly as long as the bike has. But based on a new spy photo, we may have the closest thing to a confirmation yet that a fully-faired Zero SR/F is in the works.

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Zero Motorcycle Stories October 19, 2017

Earlier this summer, we had the opportunity to test a 2015 Zero DS (Dual-Sport) Motorcycle for a few days. What a blast we had! If you are used to riding traditional ICE motorcycles than, yes, you will miss the exhaust note, the vibrations and shifting through the gears. With the Zero, you get none of that, but as it turns out, that doesn’t detract from the riding experience at all. Actually, the fact that it is a near silent bike adds to the experience. We took the Zero DS to Bear Mountain in New York for some spirited riding and we had a great time.

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Zero Motorcycle Stories September 4, 2015

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