test track Stories March 14, 2016

HT hyperloop nevada

Hyperloop technologies (HT) co-founders Shervin Pishevar and Brogan BamBrogan were at the Launch Festival last week and sat down with Jason Calacanis to discuss the latest progress in making Elon Musk’s fifth mode of transportation a reality. expand full story

test track Stories January 7, 2016

HT Nevada test track

Hyperloop Technologies Inc. announced last month a deal with Nevada officials to build a new test track for “Propulsion Open Air Test” (POAT) in the state.

Open air track aside and more interestingly, the company is also working on a 3 km full-scale and full speed enclosed prototype with a low-pressure environment and the latest images from the site (see above) show it’s already under-construction. expand full story

test track Stories December 8, 2015

Hyperloop tech test trackHyperloop Technologies Inc. announced today a deal with Nevada officials to build a new test track for “Propulsion Open Air Test” (POAT) in the state. Hardware will begin arriving this month at the Apex Industrial Park in the City of North Las Vegas, and testing should begin in early 2016. expand full story

test track Stories November 26, 2015

SpaceX Hyperloop

SpaceX is moving forward with its Hyperloop prototype test track for its “pod competition”. The company released the revised specifications of the test track (embed below) in which the competing teams will race their pods. The track will be 1-mile long , have a 6-ft diameter and be capable of creating a 99.8% vacuum environment. expand full story

test track Stories October 7, 2015

Hundreds of teams are set to compete at SpaceX’s Hyperloop Competition

Earlier this summer, rocket manufacturer SpaceX announced the Hyperloop Pod Competition; a two-phase competition to first evaluate pod designs and then test scaled down prototypes on a 1-mile Hyperloop track. We now learn through Fortune that hundreds of teams have signed up to participate in the competition including 130 universities.

test track Stories June 15, 2015

The track will support half-scale Hyperloop pods desinged by independent engineering teams and student teams to compete in the “SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition”. The Hyperloop is a concept of high-speed ground transport developed by Elon Musk and his teams of engineers at Tesla Motors and SpaceX.  The competition will have two phases. For the first phase, the teams will submit designs for their own pod concepts, which will be judged by engineers from Tesla and Spacex on January 9th 2016 during an event SpaceX is calling the “Design Weekend”.

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