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Tesla AllTerrain

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A concept developed by Jason McGinnity for his Sponsored Thesis Project completed during his Interior/Exterior Design internship with Tesla at the Design Studio in Hawthorne.

‘Tesla Allterrain’ concept developed internally could help envision Tesla’s ‘unique’ pickup truck [Gallery]

tesla allterrain 1

Elon Musk revealed his “Master Plan Part 2” for Tesla last week and one of the biggest product to be officially announced, though Tesla officials already had expressed interest in releasing such a vehicle, was a ‘Tesla Pickup Truck’. We don’t have a timeline for the release or the unveiling of the vehicle, but Musk called it “a new kind of pickup”, which of course piqued our curiosity.

For better or worse (probably better), Tesla is not the kind of automaker to release concepts that are not already scheduled for production and therefore, it’s difficult to envision what their new products will look like… Expand