Radio Flyer Stories June 12, 2021

While the name Radio Flyer may bring up nostalgic images of a little red wagon for some (or little red Teslas for the youngest generation), the company is now branching out into electric two-wheelers with a pair of new fat tire electric bicycles for adults.

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Radio Flyer Stories June 12, 2017

Hello! It is time to reward our readers again with another contest. We’ve got our hands on a code for a free Radio Flyer Model S for kids (BTW there’s a new Pearl White Model) and want to give it away to one of our US readers. The contest is simple: Share this post on Twitter, Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter (or triple your chances and do all 3!). Remember you need to be following us on Twitter/Facebook for us to contact the winner.

We’ll pick the winner by Friday and will update this post at that time. Thanks again for reading Electrek!

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Radio Flyer Stories May 13, 2016

tesla model s for kids

Earlier this year, Radio Flyer, the maker of the popular red toy wagon, announced a partnership with Tesla to make a toy Model S called ‘Model S for Kids’. The toy car has some interesting features like ‘swappable’ battery packs and a small frunk (front-trunk) just like the real Model S’.

Now Tesla announced it will offer test drives in the ‘Model S for kids’ at its retail locations in a cross-promotional effort with Radio Flyer. expand full story

Radio Flyer Stories February 15, 2016

tesla model s for kids

The maker of the popular red toy wagon, Radio Flyer, announced today a “Model S for Kids” in partnership with Tesla Motors. The toy ride-on car uses li-ion batteries and has reportedly been developed in collaboration with the automaker. expand full story

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