online design studio Stories May 16, 2016

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If you are a Tesla enthusiast, you are likely very familiar with the online design studio of the Model S, or more recently the Model X’s. You toggle between the paint jobs, the wheels options and the myriad of other features to configure your dream electric car. Whether you are able to buy it or not doesn’t matter in the online design studio.

Now you can even feed your Tesla Model 3 obsession by configuring, to a certain degree, the vehicle through a third-party website built by a fellow Tesla enthusiast. expand full story

online design studio Stories October 7, 2015

Tesla-model-x-blue-driving-2There’s been some inconsistencies and very little information about the Model X’s availability and pricing, but it could change in the coming weeks as Tesla says it will invite the next group of reservation holders to configure their cars in the “next few weeks”. The company sent out an email this morning to people who have a reservation for the production version of the Model X (see email below). expand full story

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