If you are a Tesla enthusiast, you are likely very familiar with the online design studio of the Model S, or more recently the Model X’s. You toggle between the paint jobs, the wheels options and the myriad of other features to configure your dream electric car. Whether you are able to buy it or not doesn’t matter in the online design studio.

Now you can even feed your Tesla Model 3 obsession by configuring, to a certain degree, the vehicle through a third-party website built by a fellow Tesla enthusiast.

The website, model3config.com, was created by TMC member Bayol.

Last month, Bayol used his Photoshop skills to create a dozen renderings from Tesla’s promo shots of the Model 3 to help reservation holders envision the vehicle in more colors.

Now he pushed the concept a little further with the ‘Model 3 config’.

You can choose from a selection of colors for both the car and the wheels, and Bayol plans to add more options soon – including a look at the interior.

While some of the colors available in the design studio, like matte black, are likely to be included in the production version based on Elon Musk comments, there are also plenty of other options – likely more than what will be available in the real design studio.

Bayol’s design studio is based on a picture taken by Joseph Neuman when he crashed a Tesla photoshoot of the Model 3 prototype.

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