Hybrid vehicle Stories January 25, 2021

“Check engine,” “oil level low,” “service engine soon.” These are all dashboard symbols us drivers are familiar with and have previously dreaded when they’re blinking in our faces after we’re already running late. The inrush of electric and hybrid vehicle sales in recent years has made certain dashboard symbols obsolete (bye-bye, oil changes). However, that is not to say that these eco-friendly vehicles don’t have their own unique symbols that drivers, especially those new to EVs, should be aware of.

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Hybrid vehicle Stories October 14, 2015

Prius_WindTunnel_BE5A4061D399929068301EAC6012A0F6ABA2B75DToyota revealed details on some of the new technologies it will introduce in its fourth generation Prius. Most notably, the Japan-based automaker will offer two choices of battery packs with higher energy density for the 2016 Prius: lithium-ion or nickel-metal hybrid. expand full story

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