Harald Krüger Stories March 7, 2016

Model x BMW CEO

A somewhat amusing moment was caught on camera at Tesla’s booth during the Geneva Motor show last week. A reporter from the German magazine Wirtschafts Woche was interviewing Tesla’s head in Germany and Switzerland Jochen Rudat, a rising-star in Tesla’s organisation after the company’s success in Switzerland. expand full story

Harald Krüger Stories December 2, 2015

BMW i8 Tesla Model SIn a recent interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt, BMW CEO Harald Krüger reiterated the company’s intention to phase out diesel models and introduce more electric vehicles in order to comply with increasingly strict emission regulations.

The CEO also commented on Tesla’s Autopilot, which he doesn’t see as the lead semi-autonomous option on the market at the moment. Of course, this comment shouldn’t come as a surprise since you rarely hear an executive admiting that a competitor’s technology is more advanced than his own company’s, but Krüger’s comments went beyond boasting BMW’s tech. expand full story

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