Hack Stories January 23, 2017

tesla xray 2

You might remember the strange case of Nima Kalbasi, a former mechanical engineer at Tesla, who allegedly hacked into his former manager’s email account after being fired in December 2014 and published “confidential customer complaint and false, disparaging remarks about the electric car company.”

He was charged by the FBI in 2015 on two counts of felony computer intrusion and one count of misdemeanor computer intrusion. Last week, he reached a plea agreement by pleading guilty to the misdemeanor count but not to the two felonies. expand full story

Hack Stories April 4, 2016

tesla xray 2

Tesla news not directly related to the Model 3 is hard to come by these days, but Electrek learned that Tesla recently hired Apple’s OS Security Manager for a similar role at the automaker. While safety in general has long been an important part of the automotive industry, IT security is just starting to become a factor as connected cars are increasingly becoming a hacking risk.

Consequently, Tesla is building an impressive IT security team led by Chris Evans, not Captain America but the former head of Google’s Project Zero, a team of hackers employed full-time by Google to find zero-day vulnerabilities. expand full story

Hack Stories March 25, 2016


Your favorite Tesla hacker Jason Hughes is still tinkering with his car after the recent “P100D” revelation and now claims that he managed to find a hidden air suspension setting to make the Model S even closer to the ground.

Hughes posted the picture of his Model S seen above with the new lower air suspension setting and shared a video of the car going from the “low” to the new “very low” – video embedded below. expand full story

Hack Stories December 3, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 9.49.34 PM

DEFCON finally posted the entire video of the “How to Hack a Tesla Model S” presentation from the conference earlier this summer. Let me preface this by saying that Tesla already pushed OTA software updates to its fleet to fix the issues unveiled by the two security researchers, Kevin Mahaffey and Marc Rogers.

Nonetheless, it is a very interesting talk worth the watch if the security of connected cars is an issue of interest to you, which to a certain degree, it should be. expand full story

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