Your favorite Tesla hacker Jason Hughes is still tinkering with his car after the recent “P100D” revelation and now claims that he managed to find a hidden air suspension setting to make the Model S even closer to the ground.

Hughes posted the picture of his Model S seen above with the new lower air suspension setting and shared a video of the car going from the “low” to the new “very low” – video embedded below.

In the description, Hughes writes:

“Difference between “Low” and “Very Low” is only about 3/4″ (~1.9cm)”

The Model S currently has only 4 suspension settings:  very high, high, standard and low.

Hughes didn’t reveal how he found the new setting, but it’s likely though his hacking of the Model S OS. Even though we are only talking about 3/4″ lower, I’m convinced a few Model S owners who are currently using lowering links would jump at the opportunity of using this hidden feature.

Here’s the quick video:

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