fourth quarter Stories January 1, 2020

In a heartwarming and impressive scene, Elon Musk, his mother, Maye Musk, and volunteers from the local Tesla Owners club helped deliver cars to hundreds of customers late into New Year’s Eve yesterday.

Endearing moments were captured and posted to Twitter both by customers and Maye herself (pictured below).

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fourth quarter Stories December 21, 2015


As the end of the year, and consequently the end of the fourth quarter, is getting closer, investors and analysts are debating whether or not Tesla can achieve its ambitious delivery goal of 17,000 to 19,000 cars in the last 3 months of the year for a total of 50,000 to 52,000 in 2015.

Achieving the lower-end of the guidance would mean a 46% quarter to quarter increase and a 73% increase over the same period last year. We’ve already reported on registration data for October and November for Tesla’s most important European markets, but now with more data coming from California and Denmark, as well as new information about the Model X and demonstration vehicles, it looks like Tesla is poised to achieve at least the lower-end of its guidance. expand full story

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