buying Stories April 17, 2020

Car shopping has ground to a halt due to pandemic lockdowns. So dealerships across the US are trying to entice car buyers with attractive deals. But the discounts and 0% financing offers are not as compelling for electric cars as they are for gas-consuming vehicles.

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buying Stories April 9, 2020

Auto industry analysts are predicting that sales of electric vehicles will suffer badly due to the pandemic. But it’s not the first time that legacy industry sources have written off EVs. However, a new UK survey suggests that the coronavirus is making consumers more aware of the environment — and therefore more inclined to buy an electric car.

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buying Stories March 30, 2020

The all-electric GAC Aion LX at the 2019 Shanghai auto show
The all-electric GAC Aion LX at the 2019 Shanghai auto show

Retail auto sales in China dropped 45% in the first three weeks of March. It might take into the fall for the Chinese auto market to recover. So, to jumpstart the resumed sales of EVs, automakers are using creative but gimmicky methods. Will they bring car buyers back to dealerships and put them behind the wheel of an EV?

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buying Stories March 18, 2016


Email receipt upon Tesla employee ordering Model 3

Last week we exclusively reported that employees would have early access to Model 3 reservations and this morning, employee sources have confirmed that the invitations went out at around 1am PT. Employees weren’t given a look at the Model 3 or any of the specs and are ordering it sight unseen. Two different sources say that almost everyone they knew in the company would make a reservation, again sight unseen, so Tesla should have a pretty good orders start with its 15,000 strong employee base… expand full story

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