autosteer Stories January 25, 2016

Tesla and CEO Elon Musk held a special event for Roadster and Model S owners in Hong Kong today. Musk revealed that he hopes to obtain approval to soon enable the ‘Autosteer’ feature of the company’s Autopilot system, which has been disabled in Hong Kong since November, just a few weeks after its release. expand full story

autosteer Stories January 12, 2016

Tesla’s ‘Summon’ feature got most of the attention after the release of the version 7.1 of its software pushed via an over-the-air update this weekend, but the Autopilot’s ‘Autosteer’ feature also got a significant upgrade, which the following video beautifully highlights. expand full story

autosteer Stories November 12, 2015

autosteer Stories November 10, 2015

Tesla released on its Youtube channel a series of short promotional videos featuring the different functions of the Autopilot: Autopark, Auto Lane Change and Autosteer.

You can watch the videos below the fold: expand full story

autosteer Stories October 13, 2015

In our series of exclusive articles about Tesla’s beta Autopilot and v7.0 software update, we described in details its capabilities and functions, but we couldn’t publish any pictures or videos of the systems in action in order to protect our sources.

But as the wide release of the update is getting closer, we found a video (via TMC) of a Model S owner apparently from China running v7.0 with Autopilot and testing the system with Autosteer and TACC on the highway. expand full story

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