Aspark Owl Stories February 1

Previously, we’ve covered the most expensive consumer electric vehicles on the road in 2022, focused on vehicles you’re more likely to actually see on the road. Much of the feedback in the comments relayed that many of the EVs listed weren’t truly the most expensive. While we’d argue that original list pertains more to the most expensive vehicles to reach series production for consumers, we hear you. Now, you also have a list of the most expensive electric vehicles that exist on planet Earth, regardless if they’re actually available for sale. Enjoy.

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Aspark Owl Stories February 19, 2018

Since Tesla unveiled the next-gen Roadster prototype, it created a new benchmark for other companies developing supercars. Rimac has reportedly changed its plans for its upcoming new vehicle after the Roadster was unveiled.

Now a small Japenese company has entered the race with its new all-electric hypercar. expand full story

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