In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • EV supporters tweet about the Saudi oil refinery drone attack.
  • South Africa kicks off a US$11 billion green-energy initiative.
  • A South Carolinian lists the benefits of solar energy for her state.
  • Green energy is important, but so are the batteries that store it.

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September 2

Tesla is participating in a new initiative by an African telecom to install 520 Powerwalls at their sites in order to keep their important network online despite frequent power outages. expand full story

August 31

Tesla is helping owners who are in hurricane Dorian’s path by enabling more range on some vehicles for free, giving free Supercharging and enabling Powerwall’s ‘storm watch’ feature.

That’s happening while people are leaving their gas-powered cars at gas stations because they are running out of fuel. expand full story

August 26

Elon Musk turned to his 28 million followers to help push Tesla’s latest product, the Megapack, to electric utilities in an aim to replace peaker plants. expand full story

August 13

Tesla started pushing a new mobile app software update to enable homeowners with its solar products and/or Powerwall to access and dive deep into their own power generation data. expand full story

August 9

Tesla is starting to ramp up the deployment of Powerwalls and it is proving useful for many homeowners.

Today, Tesla shared a picture of a Powerwall house with lights on while a power outage plunged an entire neighborhood in the dark. expand full story

July 29

Tesla is launching today its ‘Megapack’, a massive new energy storage product that combines up to 3 MWh of storage capacity and a 1.5 MW inverter. expand full story

July 26

Tesla is working on a giant virtual power plant made of 50,000 Powerwalls and solar systems in Australia and the local government says that the first phases have shown a reduction in electricity rates by “more than 20%.”

Now they are moving to the third phase of the virtual power plant. expand full story

July 25

Tesla Energy deployed a new record amount of energy storage during the last quarter, but its solar business is still declining. expand full story

July 3

Tesla is going to enable homeowners with Tesla solar roof tiles and solar panels to access and dive deep into their own power generation data. expand full story

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