March 14

Today in EGEB, Wood Mackenzie sees a bounce back for the solar industry in 2019. BP and the EDF team up to limit methane leaks following a report critical of the oil giant. Researchers believe green hydrogen could be economically viable by 2035. And GE launches a prototype of its largest onshore wind turbine.

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February 22

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including Tesla scaring reservation holders by removing mention of $35,000 base Model 3, Tesla preparing Model 3 leasing, an interesting EV efficiency test, and more.

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Tesla is launching today the ability to use Powerwall 2 for backup power in Europe through its new Gateway 2 hardware. expand full story

February 19

Tesla Powerwall is the most requested home energy storage device by consumers, according to a new survey of solar installers.

The problem is that most of them can’t get Tesla’s home battery pack. expand full story

February 15

Shell has announced its acquisition of Sonnen, a German company that specializes in home energy storage. Mostly known for its home battery packs, Sonnen also expanded into home EV charging last year. What does it mean for the industry which includes Tesla’s Powerwall?

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February 12

Tesla Powerwall is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and more people are starting to see why following a blackout in a Sydney suburb during a heatwave. expand full story

January 30

[We’re back!] Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial, and political review/analysis of important green energy news.

Today in the return of EGEB, a new report shows corporations bought a record amount of clean energy in 2018. In Texas, corporations and cities alike are looking to add more wind turbines before a federal tax credit is phased out. Meanwhile, officials and residents in Vermont are looking to take action following a 2018 report that showed emissions actually increased in spite of the state’s efforts. expand full story

January 18

Tesla CEO Elon Musk dropped an email to employees last night at 1am PT, which was also released publicly and filed with the SEC, to announce important job cuts to control costs. It also served to temper profit expectations for TSLA stock holders.

[Update: TSLA stock down nearly 10% in early morning trading]

In it, he details the challenges ahead for Tesla as it tries to reduce the price of its Model 3 to the $35,000 price point and make its other products more competitive to fossil fuel equivalents.  expand full story

January 16

Australia is already a huge market for Tesla Powerwall for many reasons. But now you can add one more: the South Australian government has approved Tesla’s home battery pack for an important subsidy worth ~50% of the battery pack for up to 40,000 homes. expand full story

December 31, 2018

In 2018, Tesla was mainly focused on ramping up production of Model 3. It was a great year of growth for the company.

The automaker will undoubtedly grow in 2019 also, but we expect the year ahead to also bring a few other interesting things for Tesla.

Here’s what to expect from Tesla in 2019: expand full story

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