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July 15

Nissan unveils 300-mile Ariya electric SUV with liquid-cooled battery, 130kW CCS charging, starts at $40k

A decade after the introduction of its Leaf compact EV, Nissan tonight officially unveiled the Ariya electric SUV. The Ariya promises to shake up the EV market with an attractive all-electric crossover providing up to 300 miles on a charge — with a base model starting at $40,000. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go on sale until […]

February 28

DC’s electric vehicle charging law will have residents paying double to triple

Washington, DC, has proposed a regulation that will govern electric vehicle (EV) charging on public streets. The contrast with surrounding Maryland neighborhoods shows how forgoing utility-operated and regulated-charging costs residents dearly.

February 20

Electric Vehicle Price Guide – best EV discounts from dealers in the US

Electrek’s Vehicle Price Guide is brought to you by JuiceBox. JuiceBox is the best-selling home EV charging station that thousands of EV drivers worldwide know and love to help them charge faster, smarter, and cleaner.  Are you looking for the best electric vehicle prices to add a second EV to your household or buy your first EV? […]

February 18

NYC will get curbside EV charging, but ConEd’s pricing will make people sad

Electric vehicle charging in New York City is going to be expensive, and New Yorkers will pay for it even if they don’t use it. Consolidated Edison (ConEd) wants to build 60 curbside electric vehicle charging stations with its ratepayers’ money, and sell that electricity to ratepayers two times over in the same transaction for […]

February 11

Nissan uses combustion-engine sounds to create lullaby tracks for the Leaf EV

Here’s one for the “find an EV non-problem” file. Nissan cites research that says 60% of parents with children under age 2 lull their kids to sleep by taking them on a drive. The Japanese automaker claims that the “soothing sound frequencies of an internal combustion engine are the biggest contributor to a child falling […]

January 28

Electric Mini Cooper SE review — lots of fun for not a lot of money

The new fully electric Mini, the Mini Cooper SE, hits US showrooms in March. BMW flew us down to Miami last week to drive it up and down the Florida coast, and Electrek is here to tell you whether it lives up to expectations. The Mini Cooper SE is Mini’s first entry into the electric […]

January 14

First Ride: Lightyear One solar car gets 450 miles on 60kWh, even when sun isn’t shining

After a long day of endless walking at CES, Electrek was invited out after hours for a closer look at the Lightyear One. We were met by the design and engineering team, who were very capable and forthright with their car and company. This was a welcome surprise since most companies send PR/sales teams to […]

January 6

Wallbox Quasar bidirectional home DC charger will turn EVs into a huge Tesla Powerwall

Today at CES, I got to meet up with Douglas Alfaro, the North American head of Wallbox, a Spanish charging technology maker who has a game-changing product for EV owners called the Quasar. Alfaro spent seven years at Tesla leading its Supercharging team across the US, among other roles. Quasar is a bidirectional DC charger […]

October 18, 2016

Electric vehicle smart charging to go nationwide in the Netherlands, taking advantage of solar and wind energy

While there are some small-scale projects going on around the world, like Nissan and Enel with the LEAF in the UK and BMW with about 100 i3 owners in San Francisco, smart charging and vehicle-to-grid technologies are far from being widely adopted as forms of electric grid services. But that doesn’t mean that they are […]

September 28, 2016

2016 Kia Soul EV Review: Delivery, range, space and CHAdeMO charging

It has been a few months since our last in depth EV review with the 2016 Chevy Volt so we’re excited to jump into another in-depth review: The 2016 Kia Soul EV. I got the Soul EV yesterday driven from New Jersey about 52 miles away. With most other sub-100 mile commuter EVs this would […]

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