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July 17

Tracking the most affordable EV leases in 2022

Electrek is sponsored by, the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to get a Tesla Model 3. If you have a credit card, you can reserve a Tesla now. Learn more and get $500 off for a limited time. (See Terms.) So you’re looking for a new EV and feel like a lease might be the best option for you […]

August 2

Best US EV prices and deals in a high-demand market

Looking to buy an electric vehicle right now? So is everyone else, apparently. In-stock dealer inventories of EVs are sparse at best, if not completely decimated, despite a lofty average transaction price north of $66,000. But don’t lose hope – there are relative bargains that price below $66,000, sell at close to MSRP, and are […]

July 29

2023 Chevy Bolt EV is still the best value EV in America, by far

Long time Electrek readers will know that I leased a Chevy Bolt EV from 2017 until the pandemic and really loved that electric blue “Micro-SUV” EV; we’ve already taken a look at its younger sibling, the EUV with Super Cruise. But considering recent events GM has cleaned up the battery “issue” and lowered the price […]

August 13

If you want an EV, buy now – Rivian, Fisker and others rush to lock in EV tax credits before changes

Rivian, Fisker, and other EV makers are offering binding purchase agreements to reservation holders after the Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act with big EV tax credit changes. The availability of tax credits could change within the span of the next few days now that the House has passed the bill, if President Biden signs […]

July 29

Here’s every electric vehicle that currently qualifies for the US federal tax credit

As sales of electric vehicles continue to surge, many new and prospective customers have questions about qualifying for federal tax credit on electric vehicles. Whether you qualify is not a simple yes or no question… well, actually it sort of is, but the amount you may qualify for varies by household due to a number […]

August 7

Senate improves EV tax credit in largest climate bill ever

The Senate has voted to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes nearly $400 billion over 10 years in funding for climate and energy related programs, and an extension and improvement of the US electric car tax credit. Update: Since many EVs may lose access to tax credits within a week or so, we’ve posted […]

July 26

US solar jobs increased 9% in 2021 – here’s how it breaks down by sector and state

Solar energy jobs were up in 47 states and increased 9% percent across the United States from 2020 to 2021, reaching a total of 255,037 solar workers, reports the independent nonprofit Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC).

July 1

Opinion: EVs will be supply constrained until ICE cars die out

Question: When does an internal-combustion-engined car become valueless? Answer: When the cost of buying or leasing an electric vehicle along with paying for maintenance and miles becomes less expensive than using a free gas car.

Toyota just started its BEV program, but it wasted all its tax credits on hybrids

Toyota has sold its 200,000th plug-in car in the US, meaning its access to the $7,500 federal tax credit will sunset over the course of the next 15 months. The company joins Tesla and GM in no longer qualifying for credits, with Ford and Nissan also expected to hit the limit later this year.

July 6

Rivian R1S review and 1st drive: The best SUV ever made?

One simple fact is going to tell you more than all of the Rivian R1S Review words, images, and video below: I’m in line to buy a Rivian R1S, and after a few days on and off the roads of upstate NY, I’m more excited than ever to get my hands on it. But if […]

June 1

2023 Chevy Bolt EV and EUV get $6,000 price cut, start at $25,600

The Chevy Bolt lineup is getting a massive price cut for 2023, dropping from $31,500 to $25,600 (before the $995 destination fee). This means the Chevy Bolt will have a lower MSRP than the base model Nissan Leaf, though the Leaf still qualifies for the US federal EV incentive, whereas the Bolt does not.

June 7

Over-the-air updates: How does each EV automaker compare?

Ever wondered how your electric vehicle updates itself over the air (OTA)? Is it software or firmware? Perhaps you’re wondering if the new EV you’re considering is even fit with over-the-air capabilities. No matter the reason, we’ve put together a guide outlining how OTA updates work, plus some of their benefits looking toward the future. […]

April 28

Best dealer EV deals on Bolt EV/EUV, EV6, Ioniq 5, more

According to KBB, the average transaction price for a new electric vehicle increased by 1.8% in March amidst a 17% year-over-year increase. Hopefully that uptick will be reversed with an expected increase in supply, thanks to Chevrolet resuming Bolt production as well as a number of affordable EV models set to arrive at dealerships between […]

April 7

Review: GMC’s Hummer EV ‘Super(size)truck’ is excess in all the best ways

GMC flew Electrek out to Scottsdale, Arizona, last month to test-drive the new Hummer EV on proving grounds, backroads, highways, and desert trails. After a few days with this beast, it is clear that this thing has all the bells and whistles – but with a huge 200+ kWh battery, is the Hummer brand still […]

April 4

Supply and Demand 101: Nascent EV trucks reselling well over MSRP on the open market

As new, larger, and more powerful EVs make their way into consumer driveways, their deliveries still remain quite small in number compared to the other electric vehicle types. That being said, the demand for electric trucks has exploded with many manufacturer models reserved into the next couple years. As a result, some early customers of […]