In this week’s top stories: Tesla quietly completes its new 80 MWh Powerpack station, Elon Musk meets with President Trump and joins his new manufacturing council, Seth takes the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV for a spin, Model 3 gets a slight rebranding and new teaser video, and much more.

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We kick things off this week with word that Tesla’s new 80 MWh Powerpack station with Southern California Edison is complete and ready to go. The company gives Model 3 a slight rebranding by removing the ‘3 lines’ logo on its website. And we learn that Tesla’s Model 3 sourcing program is proving stringent as supplier SHW gets stung by a $100 million parts cancellation.

Seth takes the new 2017 Chevy Bolt EV for a test drive in our hands-on review. We take a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new custom all-electric Mercedes G-Class. Tesla CEO Elon Musk joins President Trump’s new manufacturing council as the Trump administration reportedly silences the Department of Energy’s Sunshot team. And Model 3 gets a new teaser video.

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