Update: The screenshot above is no longer available and the base price was updated to $83,000

Tesla today opened its Model X configurator a day after CEO Elon Musk had planned for yesterday. The Model X Recall probably delayed plans slightly.

Besides the configurator, it appears at 1st glance that the Model X will get a new 75kWh battery option (though initially there is some confusion on the website, see above).

A new 5 seat interior will be available at the middle of the year and that serves as the base price point. Adding a six seat interior will be $3,000 extra while the 7-seat will be $4,000.

Options are broken down as:

  • Autopilot is a $2,500 fee or $3,000 after shipment.
  • Premium upgrades which includes the Bioweapons hepa filter, self presenting front doors, ventilated front seats, leather armrests LED lighting and more is $4,500
  • Smart Air suspension: $2,500
  • Subzero weather package: $1,000
  • Ultra High fidelity sound is $2,500
  • Towing package is $750
  • Accesory hitch: $200
  • High Amperage charger update is $1,500


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