After a highly anticipated multi-step reservation process starting with Tesla and SpaceX employees, followed by in-store reservations, which created long queues at Tesla’s retail locations, and finally online reservations just an hour before the unveiling, Tesla finally launched the Model 3 – its first mass market electric vehicle.

CEO Elon Musk has been updating the public on the number of reservations the company is accumulating and here’s a quick timeline of those updates:

You can read our post summarizing everything new we learned at the Model 3 event here and our exclusive leaked specs of the unannounced higher-end version of the Model 3 here.

Below you will find the timeline with each update in chronological order with the most recent update on top and a comprehensive graph of the total reservation as updated by Tesla and Musk in the first 50 hours:

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07/04/16 – 7am PT – 10am ET: Tesla sent out a blog post confirming that they received ocer 325,000 Model 3 reservations during the first week

03/04/16 – 2pm PT – 5pm ET: On Sunday, Tesla’s CEO confirmed via Twitter that the automaker had 276,000 by the end of Saturday:

02/04/16 – 3pm PT – 6pm ET: On Saturday afternoon, Musk confirmed that Tesla had over 250,000 Model 3 reservation as of 7am PT this morning:

01/04/16 – 10pm PT – 1am ET: Musk updated the number again in the evening to 232,000 Model 3 reservations.

01/04/16 – 1pm PT – 4pm ET: Just over an hour later, Musk updated the number of reservation via Twitter again – now to 198,000 reservations:

01/04/16 – 12pm PT – 3pm ET: Elon Musk updates the number of reservation via Twitter to 180,000 after 24 hours of reservations:

31/03/16 – 11pm PT – 2am ET: Tesla kept a count of incoming reservations on a screen at the Model 3 event. Toward the end of the evening, Tesla had around 150,000 reservations.

31/03/16 – 9pm PT – 12am ET: After the end of his presentation, Elon Musk announced that Tesla already accumulated over 115,000 Model 3 reservations with deposits – those reservations were mostly sight-unseen.

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