A great ground look at what’s happening in Hawaii, the state where energy costs the most and where there is plenty of solar energy.  Over 12% of Hawaiians have solar power which is 20x the US national average.  If you count all the rooftops on Oahu together, Solar is a 300MW plant that is more than double the size of the next biggest plant on the island.

The problem is: That power plant dies when the sun goes down and the other plants have to crank way back up.

The solution of course is batteries which Tesla and others are offering which can extend power into the evening. The reality however is that we’re a long way off of powering the island of Hawaii with batteries at night.

Until then, there will be a struggle between solar installers and the grid management and going off the grid will make a lot of sense for many. Solar City CEO Lyndon Rive explained why this is the future in the video at 2:30 below:

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