used Stories November 18, 2015

EV_Rally_Trollstigen_Tesla_Model_SIn a recent email blast to certain Model S owners and prospective buyers, Tesla says that the Model S trade-in value “recently increased due to secondary market demand” and that owners looking to upgrade should request new estimates.

Tesla is trying to achieve a record quarter by delivering between 17,000 and 19,000 cars during the last 3 months of the year. In order to reach its goal, in addition to offering trade-ins to current Model S owners, the company is adding a “significant amount” of demo vehicles, marketing cars and service loaners to offer for direct sales. expand full story

used Stories June 23, 2015


NADA issued a new report on electric vehicle value retention and unsurprisingly the Tesla Model S tops the list. The Model S retains an impressive 57.2% of its value after 3 years.  In comparison, segment averages for gasoline-powered luxury large, mid-size, as well as compact cars fell between 49.5% and 46.2% for the same period, according to NADA.  expand full story

used Stories June 3, 2015

Less than 2 months ago, Tesla started selling certified pre-owned Model S’s through their website and early data shows strong demand for lower-end versions of the electric car.  Statistics compiled through a fan-made consolidator show that Model S’s listed below $60,000 stayed on the market for less than 4 days on average.

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