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National Auto Dealer Assoc. says it’s all in on EVs. Will dealers step in line?

Xcel Energy EV

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has said they’re “all-in” on electric cars, but $30,000 price hikes and generalized dealer shenanigans about reservations in the face of ongoing inventory concerns have led some automakers to put their franchise dealer networks on notice, ultimately begging the question: if NADA leads, will the dealers follow?

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Tesla Model S has highest value retention of all electric vehicles and most gasoline vehicles according to a new NADA report


NADA issued a new report on electric vehicle value retention and unsurprisingly the Tesla Model S tops the list. The Model S retains an impressive 57.2% of its value after 3 years.  In comparison, segment averages for gasoline-powered luxury large, mid-size, as well as compact cars fell between 49.5% and 46.2% for the same period, according to NADA.  Expand