tesla summon Stories April 22

A Tesla vehicle was caught on video crashing into a $3.5M Cirrus Vision jet after being ‘summoned’ in a dangerous way by the owner.

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tesla summon Stories September 30, 2019

Tesla started the wider release of its V10 software update, which includes the ‘Smart Summon’ feature, and it looks like some owners are putting too much trust on how “smart” it actually is and already doing some dumb things with it. expand full story

tesla summon Stories February 27, 2019

Tesla owner and Youtuber Marques Brownlee came back to his Model S in a parking lot to find his vehicle partially blocked on each side by large trucks.

It gave Brownlee a rare opportunity to use Tesla’s Summon feature and nullify what appeared to be the truckers’ attempt to annoy him. expand full story

tesla summon Stories April 3, 2017

While Tesla’s Autopilot is very much a driver assist system and not a ‘self-driving car’ as it is often reported in the mainstream media, its ‘Summon’ feature is probably the closest thing to “self-driving” today.

It has been available for first generation Autopilot cars since January 2016, but the new 8.1 update brought the feature to second generation Autopilot cars last week and it is now being tested by owners. expand full story

tesla summon Stories May 17, 2016

tesla summon

The story of a Tesla Model S crashing into the back of a trailer while the ‘summon’ feature of the Autopilot was activated has been making the headlines since last week. Tesla placed the blame with the driver, but now the automaker pushes an update to its fleet to add a step to the Summon feature that could potentially have prevented the accident. expand full story

tesla summon Stories May 11, 2016

Model S summon crash

A Tesla Model S driver in Utah, Jared Overton, says that he parked his car behind a trailer before running an errand for a few minutes. When he returned to his vehicle, he says he found it crashed in the back of the trailer with the windshield crushed by the trailer’s bed – picture above.

The owner claims the car decided to move forward on its own, but after verifying the logs, Tesla claims that the ‘Summon’ feature, which allows the vehicle to drive itself on short distances without anyone in the car, was activated seconds after the car was parked. expand full story

tesla summon Stories April 15, 2016


Following the unveiling of an updated version of its Model S earlier this week, Tesla has been contacting current Model S owners to invite them to a new event series called  “Tesla Weekend Social”.

While the company says this month’s events will focus on Tesla’s ‘Summon’ feature, it will likely be a good occasion to showcase the updated Model S to current owners potentially looking to upgrade their vehicle. expand full story

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