tesla insurance Stories May 2

Tesla is about to launch a new insurance program in order to reduce costs for its owners and some details are starting to leak through a new partner behind the program. expand full story

tesla insurance Stories April 24

Tesla is going to launch a new insurance program set to launch next month, according to Elon Musk. The program comes as many Tesla buyers are complaining about the price of insurance for Tesla’s vehicles. expand full story

tesla insurance Stories June 5, 2017

In the past, Tesla owners have reported higher insurance costs due to insurers having the wrong trim level in their policies.

A similar issue is now arising as insurers are bundling up insurance data for all Tesla Model S vehicles into one category and comparing it to vehicles in other categories. expand full story

tesla insurance Stories March 14, 2017

A startup insurance company called ‘Root’ is using a mobile app to track its customers’ driving habits in order to offer discounts based on performance.

They took noticed of Tesla’s crash rate being reduced by 40% after the introduction of Autopilot based on data reviewed by NHTSA and they now want to offer discounts to Tesla drivers. expand full story

tesla insurance Stories February 23, 2017

In an exclusive report published last summer, we revealed that Tesla started offering custom car insurance to its customers in Australia and Hong Kong. At the time, the company didn’t want to comment on the new venture, but that changed yesterday during the earnings conference call.

CEO Elon Musk and President Jon McNeill confirmed that they plan to expand the program and have it match the progress of the Autopilot, which should reduce insurance rates to match its lower accident rate. expand full story

tesla insurance Stories July 13, 2016

Some Tesla owners are reporting that insurance companies are not listing the proper trim level of their Model S, which can result in a higher premium depending on the situation. The issue was first brought up yesterday by Youtuber KmanAuto, but other Tesla owners have since reported similar problems. expand full story

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