Tesla Delivery center Stories November 15, 2017

A stash of Model 3s with VINs as high as #1096 has been spotted in a parking garage in Playa Vista, California, just minutes away from the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, where the Tesla Semi reveal event will take place tomorrow night – but more importantly very close to Tesla’s new Marina Del Rey property, which looks like it will be a massive store + delivery hub.

There are at least 19 Model 3s in the photos we’ve seen, along with several Model S and X (~50), and 3 Tesla Service vans (though these aren’t electric – they’re Ford Transit Connects).

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Tesla Delivery center Stories April 2, 2017

As we reported last month, Tesla is trying new ideas to deliver vehicles faster in order to prepare for the expected increase in deliveries with the upcoming launch of the Model 3. One of those ideas is to open dedicated delivery centers separated from the stores and service centers.

Tesla recently opened one of those delivery centers in Culver City and we take our first look through a report from one of our readers. expand full story

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