Tesla deliveries Stories July 4, 2016

Tesla Model S deliveries increased by 24% in Austria during the last quarter

As we reported after Tesla’s performance in the country last quarter, the automaker has found an interesting and growing market for the Model S in relatively small Austria, a country of ~8 million people.


Tesla’s detractors have been claiming that the automaker reached the peak demand for its flagship sedan, the Model S, ever since its first full year of production in 2013. Tesla has proven them wrong over and over again with record-breaking deliveries last year, but as evidenced by the company recent results, it will be more difficult to reject allegations of reaching peak demand. expand full story

Tesla deliveries Stories June 14, 2016


Tesla’s stock (TSLA) rallied last week following comments by Ron Baron. The rally didn’t last long after rumors of a potential problem with Tesla’s suspension started to spread quickly at the end of last week.

While the rumors have been mostly shut down at this point, Tesla’s stock is having difficulty recovering and a new report about the automaker’s sales in Europe is not helping. expand full story

Tesla deliveries Stories April 4, 2016


When it comes to Tesla, the focus is primarily on the Model 3 these days, but the automaker still needs to keep selling the Model S and X if it wants to bring the vehicle to market. Today, Tesla announced deliveries for the first quarter 2016 and the company missed its delivery goal of 16,000 units, with only 14,820 total deliveries from January to March. It’s the first quarter in which the Model X significantly contributed to the delivery goal with 2,400 units… expand full story

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